Two-Day Holiday Gun Auction


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LOCATED: At the M.A.C. in Historic Marshall, Michigan.
From I-69 take Exit 36 (Michigan Ave.) then west 500 yards.

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Selling over 400 lots of antique and blackpowder firearms including boot pistols, dueling pistols, boarding pistols; Derringers; Pepperboxes; Pin Fire revolvers; flintlock pistols; hundreds of various handguns from Whitney Hopkins and Allen, U.S. Revolver, Manhattan Arms, Colt, J.M. Marlin, C. Sharps, H&R, Smith & Wesson; including 3 new model 3 targets and 1 old model Russian; Half stock and full stock rifles; Springfield Trapdoors; Harpers Ferry 69cal; Remington Model 1822 converted to percussion; British Military Martini Henry rifle; Quackenbush bicyle rifle; fowling pieces; double barrel shotguns and more!!!!

MISC. ITEMS: Winchester collectable’s including boxed ice skates, fishing rod, spinner lure, framed advertising, mirrors, posters, books, store displays, wood brace, Broad hatchet head, pliers, hammer, plane and more!!!! There is over 100 lots of Wichester collectables!!! Also selling ammunition, swords including U.S. Military, European and 2 Katana Swords; 11 framed trout prints with stamps; coffee table with quail mount insets; portable Sea Eagle inflatable raft; Eska 2hp motor; Keen Kutter Axe; back tags; fish decoys; 20 various pins/licenses including 1929 resident deer, 1930 Michigan Trout, 1931 Non-resident fishing, 1928, 1930, 1931 resident small game, 1956 Michigan Bow Hunters pin, 1946 Penn Resident fishing license, New Your Citizen hunting, trapping and fishing licenses from 1926, 27, 30, 31, 32, 33, 36, 39 and a NY Citizen hunting/fishing from 1940; Mule deer mount; Marbles compass; snowshoes; etc. This listing is sure to grow!!!!

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KNIVES: Selling the largest selection of Randall Knives we have ever had consisting of 50+ pieces covering most of the models that Randall has made from the 1940’s until the 2000 time period including a glass cased 50th anniversary model which is highly sought by collectors. Also selling a selection of Browning commemorative knives.

COLT: Colt 1st Year Production 1911A1 .45ACP; Colt 1911A1 .45 made in 1944; MK IV Series 80 .45cal.; (2) MKIV/Series 70 Gov’t Model 45cal pistols; Model 22 .22cal pistol; Woodsman & Woodsman Match Targets .22cal; Mustang Pocketlite .380cal; Police Positive .32cal, .38 & .32-20; (2) Model 1903 .32cal; (2) King Cobra .357mag.’s; Diamond Back .38Spl.; Python .357; New Frontier .22cal; Frontier Scout SAA .22cal; Army Special .38cal; Combat Commander .45ACP; (2) Official Police .38cal; Model 1901 .38Colt; Model 1911 .45cal; Model 1908 Vest pocket; Detective Special .38cal.; Pony Series .380cal.; (2) New Pocket .32cal revolver; AR-15 Sporter 9mm; AR-15 SP1 .223cal.; AR-15 A2 5.56cal.; AR-15 Light Weight Sporter 7.62x39;

BROWNING: Very Nice Superposed Pigeon Grade 20ga.; Fantastic Hi-Power 9mm pistol that is Nazi Proofed, Tangent sight with vintage holster; Belgium Browning Grade III .22cal autoloader; Belgium Autoloader with wheelsight; (3) A-5 Light Twelve; A-5 16ga.; Belgium Browning Sweet Sixteen; A-5 12ga.; A-5 20ga.; Model 12 Grade 5 pump action 20ga. shotgun NIB;

REMINGTON: Model 1871 7x57cal.; (2) Model 742 .30-06; Nylon 66 .22cal; Model 12-CS .22 Rem Special rifle; Model 77 Apache .22cal; Model 580 .22cal; Model 31H 12ga.;

WINCHESTER: Beautiful Model 1886 .45-90; Model 70 Pre-64 .375H&H Mag. Rifle; Model 1873 .38cal. & .44cal with Cody letters; Model 1873 in .22 short; (2) Model 1873 .32WCF; Model 1886 Take Down Deluxe in .33W.C.F.; Model 1892 Trapper .38WCF; Model 71 .348WCF; Model 61 pump .22cal; Model 06 .22cal; (2) Model 07 .351; (2) Model 1894 .32WS. (2) .30WCF & .32-40; Model 94 .32W.C.F, .32Win Spl. & .44mag.; numerous Model 94’s in .30-30; Model 1892 .25-20WCF, .32WCF & .44WCF; Model 90 .22WRF; Model 36 9mm shotgun with shells; Model 1890 .22cal; Model 1902 .22cal.; Model 1910 S.L. .401cal.; Model 1917 .30-06; Model 25 pump 12ga.; Model 50 12ga.; Model 62 .22cal; Pr. Model 1895 Theodore Roosevelt High Grade and Custom Grade .405cal.; Model 1892 John Wayne Commemorative .44-40; Model 1894 Legendary Frontiersman .38-55; Model 94 Buffalo Bill .30-30; Model 94 Illinois Sesquicentennial .30-30; Model 94 Canadian Centennial; Model 66 Centennial; (2) Model 1897 12ga.; Model 1300 20ga.; Model 1912 16, 20 & 12ga.; Model 70 .243; Model 1911 12ga.; Model 1300 pump 12ga.

SMITH & WESSON: (2) Model 28-2 .357mag. & .44cal.; Model 12-2 .38cal revolver; Model 1917 .45ACP.; Model 1905 .38SPL.; Model 5906 9mm pistol; Safety Hammerless .38cal; Model 63-3 .22cal.; Victory Model .38cal revolver; Model 1000 20ga.

MOSSBERG: Model 590 12ga. Trench gun; Model 500c Riot 20ga.; Model 500A 12ga.; Model 46MB .22cal; Model 500E .410; Model 600CT 20ga.; Model 151K .22cal;

SAVAGE: Model 1907 .32ACP; Model 99 .300Sav., .410, 22H.P. & .358; Sporter .22cal; Model 720 12ga.; Model 69RXL 12ga. Riot; Fox Model B 12ga.; Model 220L-D 20ga.

STEVENS: Crackshot .22cal; Model 311 20ga.; Model 15a .22cal; Model 14 ½ Little Scout .22cal; (3) Crackshot #26 .32RF; Model 520 12ga.; Model 940E 12ga.; Model 67 20ga.; Stevens Browning 620 16 & 12ga.; Model 107B 20ga.; Dread Naught 12ga.; Model 258A 20ga.

MARLIN: Model 25MN .22WMR; Model 39A .22cal.; Model 20 .22cal.; Model 57 .22cal.; Model 44 .20ga.; Model 410 .410 lever action shotgun; Model 701 .22cal; Model 778 12ga.; Model 336 .30-30

RUGER: New Model Single Six Roy Rogers Commemorative .22; New Model Single Six Colorado Centennial .22cal; (8) Single Six .22cal revolvers; Single Six Buntline .22cal; Single Six Bisley model in .32H&R; Super Redhawk .44cal; Bearcat & Super Bearcat .22cal revolvers; Mark II .22cal Target; Vaquero .44-40; Blackhawk .357 revolvers one with a 9mm PB cylinder; MK1 .22cal; Ranch Rifle .223cal.; 10/22 .22cal rifles; M77 .30-06

HANDGUNS: Early 1928 dated small trigger guard style Nambu in 8mm.; Luger Mauser P08 9mm pistol; (2)CAI Makarov AP9 9x18 pistols; Makarov Model 66 7.62 pistol; (3) Walther P38 9mm pistols; Walther P99 .40cal; (2) Walther PPK .32cal; Walther Model PP .32cal; Walther Model 4 7.65cal.; Star 31PK 9mm pistol; Star Model B 9mm pistol; Star Model PD .45ACP; (2) Mauser Model 1914 7.65cal; Mauser Model 1910 .25cal; FN Model 1922 .32cal; FN Model 1022 7.65cal.; Astra Model 3000 .32cal pistol; Astra Model 600/43 9mm pistol; Astra Model 400 9mm Largo/38ACP; Sienda .32cal pistol; Enfield No. 2 MK1 .38cal.; Erma Model EP-22 & LA22 .22cal pistols; (2)Sistema Model 1911 A-1/1927 .45cal pistols; Springfield Model EMP 9mm pistol; OWA 6.35cal pistol; Sauer Model 38H 7.65 pistol; French Mac 1935-S .32cal; Husqvarna Lahti Model 1940 9mm; Webley Mark IV .38cal.; Deutsche Werke Ortigies .32cal.; CZ model 38 .380cal.; CZ Model 27 .32cal.; Rossi M720 .44cal revolver; F. Selbstlader Model II 7.65cal.; Intrac CZ-50 .32cal.; Mil. Inc. Thunder Five C2-38 .410/.45L.C. revolver; CAI Model CZ52 7.62T pistol; Sedgley Mark V 12ga. flare pistol; SWC US Property marked flare pistol; FEG Makarov 9x18 pistol; Glock Model 21 .45ACP; Glock Model 17L 9mm pistol; Glock Model 22 .40cal pistol; Glock Model 19 9mm; Taurus Model PT140 .40cal; H&K Model USP .45cal pistol; Sig Sauer Model P220 .45cal.; Beretta Model 1934 .380; Beretta Model 96G .40cal; Beretta Model 21A .22cal.; Coonan 357mag.; Para Ordinance Carbon 15 .223/5.56 AR style pistol; (3) Intratec Tec 22 .22cal pistols; Intratec Cat .45ACP pistol; H&R Premier .22cal revolver; AMT Hardballer .45cal pistol; Heritage Rough Rider .22cal; North American Arms MMT-17 .17cal revolver; Charter Arms Model 2000 .22cal; Thompson Center Contender pistols in .223cal and .30-30cal.; Hi-Standard Field King .22cal.; Interarms Helwan 9mm pistol; Manhurhin Model PP .32cal.; Magnum Research SSP91 .308 pistol; Baikal IJ-70 9x18 pistol; Taurus Model 44 revolver; Jennings J22 .22cal pistols; Dreyse Model 1907 .32cal; Sienda .32cal pistol; Charles Daly Model 1911 .45cal.; Kel-Tec Model P3AT .380cal.

RIFLES: Mannlicher-Schoenauer Model 1950 .30-06; Henry Golden boy .22cal; (3) Norinco SKS 7.62x39; Norinco SKS Sporter 7.62x39; Chinese SKS 7.62x39; Norinco MAK-90 Sporter 7.62x39; Poly-Tech Model AKS-762x39 rifle & AKS-223 5.56x45; Russian SKS 7.62x39; Hi-Point Model 995 9mm rifle; Russian Tulu SKS 7.62x39cal.; C.A.I. Rasheed 7.62x39cal; Thompson Center Contender .30-30 rifle; Hamilton NO. 27 .22cal; J.G. Anschutz Model Karabiner 9mm Glatt; Deutche Werke Model 1 .22cal; Ishapore SMLE Mark I .308

MILITARY RIFLES: (5) Inland M-1 .30cal; Universal M-1 .30cal; Postal Meter M-1 .30cal.; Standard Products M-1 .30cal; U.S. Springfield Garand .30-06; (2)U.S. Springfield Model 1898 .30-40cal.; (4) U.S. Eddystone Model 1917 .30-06 & .300 WBY.; U.S. Rifle 1903-A3 .30-06; Federal Ordinance Tankard Garand .308cal.; (2) H&R M-1 Garand .30-06; U.S. Springfield Model 1903 .30-06; U.S. Springfield Model M1A 30-06; Remington Model 03-A3 .30-06; BRNO Mauser 98 8x57; Mauser Argentino 1891 8mm rifle; Turkish Mauser 8mm; Terni 1891 Carcano 6.5mm; Tokarev SVT-40 7.62x54; Japanese Arisaka Model 99 Last Ditch 7.7cal.; Jap Arisaka 6.5 and 7.7mm rifles; Sako Mosin Nagant 1891 7.62x54cal.; Mauser Yugo VZ24 8x57cal.; Polish M44 7.62x54; British SMLE .303; Steyr Model 95 8x56R; Mosin Nagant 44 carbine in 7.62x39

SHOTGUNS: Ithaca Model 37 Riot 12ga.; Ithaca Model 37R 20ga.; Model 37 16ga.; Meridan The A.J. Aubrey 12ga.; Verney-Carron Snake Chamrer II .410 single shot; H&R Model 400 16ga.; Meriden single shot 20ga.; Springfield 511 20ga.; Lefever Nitro Special 12ga.; Parker Bros Model GH 12ga.; Eclipse 12ga.; American Gun Co. Knickerbocker 12ga.

MUZZLELOADERS: T.C. Hawken .50cal; TC New Englander .50cal; TC Thunderhawk .50cal; Knight 50cal; CVA firebolt .54cal


RULES FOR PURCHASE: For Friday gun purchases, there is no paperwork required although we may request proof of age, except for lot #52. For Saturday firearm purchases, everyone in attendance that purchases a firearm will be required to fill out Form 4473 for our records unless the gun is considered to be an antique or is a muzzleloader. NICS checks will be done on all gun buyers unless the gun is a muzzleloader, an antique, you are an FFL license holder and we obtain a copy of your license, you have a purchase permit, you have a current Michigan Concealed Pistol License issued after Nov. 22nd, 2005 or you have a Curio and Relics License and the gun is at least 50 years of age. Trigger locks will be furnished. Out of state buyers – you may purchase and take with you a long gun(s) however handguns need to be shipped to a FFL dealer unless you possess an FFL license.



Cash/Check/Visa/MasterCard/Discover. A 3% Buyers Premium will be charged at this auction. Payment by cash or check will waive the buyers premium. Michigan Sales tax of 6% will be charged unless you have a sales tax number. Statements day of sale take precedence over printed material.

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